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December 4, 2011

President-Richard Kim

Alex Cha- Exc vice president

Zula Damdin  Treasure

Aura Vasquez- Secretary

Hanna Yoon-Executive committee members

Shawn Kuk-Executive committee members

I.          Presentation by “Fresh and Easy”

Tanisha B Write - Cerrals Associates. Account Executive

Adam  Mayfield -

They are planning to open a store Fresh & Easy express store at ______________

400 Sq feet. They are seeking support to sell beer and wine at their store. Adam reiterate that Fresh and easy is a very healthy store. They need to have a full on permit to be competitive with other stores around the area. They have about 20 cities that would like that store in the area but they have chosen Koreatown to open their store. If all permits are in order and everything goes well the store is planning to open the store on Summer, 2013.

What makes you come to this area?

Its a great location because of the trains and buses coming to the area. Good parking. The store is well equipt. Very accessible to customers.

Would you store be diverse?

Yes very competitive and diverse

What about parking?

The majority of the customers we are expecting to be taking public transportation. We are also offering 1 hour parking for customers.

Do you have unionized workers in your store?

We dont have union. We offer a very competitive salary and benefits. Employees can make a decision to become unionized or not.

Would you be hire local people? how many employees would you have in the store?

probably 12 to 14. $10 hour pay about 20 hours a week. we will recruit people that live nearby the store. The store manager may come from another store

Can you please create a multilanguage sign when looking for employees?

Yes absolutely. Please remind us

Could you offer discounts to people that use public trans? to incentive people to use public trans

We haven't thought of that but we are in communications with the transit authority to promote the store.

Things to talk about at the retreat: (Saturday Jan 12 9:30am -6pm)

Purpose: Procedure/admin and policy

choose members for committees. What committees do we have/need?

Endorsing political candidates

Community Benefits agreement

Robert’s rules

Venue: JJ grand

For next agenda:

  1. Carol Ji-Hae Lee- KYCC vote on ordinace
  2. Christmas lighting contest and “beautification committee”
  3. Appoint new board members
  4. Treasury report and access to the bank card
  5. Support letter to Name the Wilshire and Western station “Alfred Song”
  6. Discuss the date for the retreat (purpose, agenda, who is facilitating)

Briefing about the budget with the Mayor

We need to elect the budget activist

Manny Flores is the representative for the budget in our area

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