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MINUTES - 08.2014 - WCKNC

Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by President Scott Suh at 1841

Roll Call:

Members Present

Caroline J. Sim, Scott Suh, Christine N. Lee, Sang Kyun Kwak, Homyung Kang, Alex Cha (arrived 1841), Aura Vasquez, Edward Colacion, James Y. Jung, Vahe G. (arrived 1840), Chima Anyadike-Danes, Bill Robinson (Left at 1911, returned at 1922), Sang Gi Lee, Majib Siddique (arrived 1920), Young Kim, Samuel Sukahton (Elected during meeting), Brady Collins (Elected during meeting).

Members Absent:

Sung Hoon Yoon, Jeannie Hee Lee, David E. Ryu, Susan Lee, Don Cho, Jayson K. Choi, Niroshan Kahawatte

Member Vacancy

Sub-District 3 Residential (Filled during meeting), Sub-District 5 Residential (Filled during meeting), At-Large, Youth.

In Attendance

Karen Mack, President of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners

Harry Cho, LAPD’s Olympic Division Rep.

Michael Cortez from Metro


Michael Cortez on the consequences of Metro’s Purple Line Extension for Koreatown

Karen Mack on the role of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioner’s and their proposed new behavioral policies for Neighborhood Councils.

Officer Harry Cho reports on reoccurring frequent types of auto crime: the stealing of car batteries and targeting of certain vehicles for catalytic converters. Also, discusses gang crime, graffiti, the function of the gang injunction, and medical marijuana enforcement.

Bill Robinson - received a series of complaints about casino buses parked along Olympic Boulevard. Request from Mark Lee of Pico union for joint new conference. Has led to presentation before City Council and proposal to ban these buses.

Public Comment was held with the following stakeholders commenting:George McKenna

Carlos Castillo E.J. Chung Christian Lander


Item 7, Discussion and possible action on a Board retreat to develop standing rules, which will be held September 6 between 10 and 2 at a location to be determined.

Item 8 withdrawn at the request of the developer.

At 1932, Item 12, the election of Samuel Sukahton to the Board of the Wilshire Centre Koreatown Neighborhood Council as a residential representative for Sub-District 5. Yes (21) No () Absent () Pass (Yes)

At 1940, motion to post-phone item 13. Proposed Caroline

Yes (11) No (10) Absent (0) Pass (Yes)

At 1942, Item 14, election between Woo Chin Lee and Brady Collins for a seat on the Wilshire Centre Koreatown Neighborhood Council as a residential representative for Sub-District 3. Brady Collins (11) Woo Chin Lee (0) Pass (Yes)

Meeting Adjourned by Scott Suh at 2000

Items to be continued: 9,10,11,13

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