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MINUTES - 02.10.2014 - WCKNC

Wilshire Center-Koreatown Neighborhood Council

General Board Meeting Minutes

Date:                Monday, February 10, 2014

Location:           Young Oak Kim Academy

615 S. Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90005

President Cha called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

  1. Public Comments and Department Reports
  1. Greg, Department of Water & Power (DWP) Community Liaison, pass out brochures about DWP’s achievements.
  2. Million Trees LA (MTLA) - Two representatives from MTLA provided information to promote the urban forest and job creation by working with 6 local non-profits who train youth with job skills. Up to 7 free shade trees are available for property owners thru DWP. Parkway trees (residential blocks)  also free if adjacent property owner promises to water for 2 years. Main street corridor trees (15 gallons) also free if someone agrees to water for 2 years. Bureau of Sanitation has grant funds to cut concrete. NC’s can sponsor trees by paying $5/tree/month for 2 years (totals $260-280/tree). NC’s can also organize free fruit tree give-aways.
  1. Angelo from CD13 discussed the complaints received about illegal street vending at 3rd Street and Beverly. Looking for locations for community clean-ups in WCKNC + CD13 boundaries. LA County Health, CD13 and Koretz are working to regulate use of e-cigs. Looking for locations for community clean-ups in WCKNC + CD13 boundaries. A WCKNC rep suggested that the Executive Board discuss submitting a support letter to CD13 re: e-cig regulations.
  1. LAPD: Senior Officers Chung and Cho and Sargent Vincent noted that there are 451 alcohol serving establishments in Olympic Division boundaries. DUI at very early morning hours is a problem. Doumi (bar/b-girls, boys) are illegal because they encourage the sale of alcohol in ABCs. This is a misdemeanor. Prostitution on Western is another problem. To report after-hours locations, call Olympic Vice w/ address of establishment: 213.382.9495. Senior Lead Officer James Chong noted that the recent shooting @ 6th/Virgil was gang-related. 3 gang-related shootings in the last month.
  1. Barry Stone from DONE reminded the WCKNC that each member must take the ethics and budget trainings. February 18th is the deadline to file to run for a WCKNC seat. Please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with election-related questions. No more tabs allowed; WCKNC board members who use funds for WCKNC purposes must be reimbursed on a reimbursable basis. However, Barry is aware that we have tabs from a few vendors from the past.
  2. Roll Call – WCKNC Boardmembers in attendance: Alex Cha, Shawn Kuk, David Ryu, Hanna Yoon, Peter Paik, Niroshan Kahawatte, Christine Lee, Nicole Chang, Manuel Flores, Shalom Kim, Zula Damdinbazar, Caroline Sim, Yonah Hong.
  3. Review and approval of minutes from January 13, 2014. December 9, 2013. Nicole Chang moved to approve, and Niroshan Kahawatte seconded.
  4. Committee reports
    1. Agenda #7a: EB report on CD10 mtg: Shawn & Alex had lunch w/ Deron. Deron called Alex and said he was sorry to miss tonight’s meeting. He’ll be @ our next meeting.
    2. 7b budget & treasurer’s report: last meeting approved $2500 for calendars. But invoice was over $2500 bc of taxes. Ask vendor for slight discount. Funds have been unfrozen  can start processing invoices. Next meeting, we should discuss how much $ to set aside for website development. We should have roughly $26,500 left in our budget. Bring all WCKNC property to next meeting.
    3. CDLUC:


  • No responses received from consultants re: 6th Street bench project.
  • Mayor’s Office discussion of Promise Zones. 2/20/14 @ Cit Hall.
  • 8th St Corridor Walk to be next.
  • Coffee Crawl 2/13 @ Café Bene on Wilshire.
  • 8th x Catalina project discussed.
  1. Outreach: The last of the 2014 desk calendars are available. Ciclavia on April 6, 2014 will be the Iconic Wilshire Blvd. route again. Niroshan presented the newest draft of the WCKNC website, and the entire Board thanked him for his awesome effort and product.
  2. DASH: Motion to submit a letter to CD10, 13 requesting expanded DASH services in WCKNC area. Deron Williams of CD10 stated to Alex Cha and Shawn Kuk that he would assist in moving the request through the appropriate City channels. Motion made by Peter Paik, 2nd by Nicole Chang; all in favor.
  3. Ciclavia event: Motion to approve the expenditure of up to $5,000 for an outreach effort and/or related supplies/marketing materials for the April 6, 2014 Ciclavia event that will go through WCKNC boundaries. Motion made by Alex Cha, 2nd by Manuel Flores; all in favor.
  4. YOKA: Motion to approve up to $1,000 toward the purchase of safety equipment by the Public Safety Committee, including items such as safety glasses, drop off cones, and walkie talkies. Motion made by Zula Damdinbazar, 2nd by David Ryu; all in favor.
  5. Administrative: Motion to approve by resolution Zula Damdinbazar (Treasurer) and Alex Cha (2nd signatory) as WCKNC’s designated bank depositors as required by DONE for the future processing of WCKNC funds. Motion made by David Ryu, 2nd by Shawn Kuk; all in favor.
  6. Christine Lee to draft support letter opposing alcohol signage on public property.
  7. City Attorney’s Koreatown Hall Mtg @ RFK on February 11th @ 6pm.
  8. Meeting was adjourned at 8:42PM.



Process for Reconsideration - An official vote or action of the Board may be reconsidered upon request as follow: a.) Reconsideration may take place immediately following the original action or at the next regular meeting.  b.) A motion for reconsideration may only be made by a Board member who previously voted on the prevailing side of the original action or decision taken.

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