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MINUTES - 07.14.2014 - WCKNC

Wilshire Center Koreatown 

Neighborhood Council

Regular Meeting Sesion del

Consejo del Barrio


Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by Scott Suh, the Presiding Officer, at 19:10

Roll Call:

Members Present: Sung Yoon, Caroline Sim, Scott Suh, Jeannie Lee, David Ryu, Sang

Kwak, Homyung Kang, Aura Vasquez, James Jung, Vahe G, Chima Anyadike-Danes,

Niroshan Kahawatte, Bill Robinson, Sang Lee Majib Sidiquee (Elected at this session), and Young Kim (Elected at this session).

Members Absent: Christine Lee, Susan Lee, Don Cho, Jayson Choi, Alex Cha, and

Edward Colacion

Seat Vacant: At-Large, Youth, Sub-district 3 (1), Sub-district 5 (1), Community Representative (Filled during meeting), Business Representative (Filled during meeting)

In attendance:

Yoomee Ha, Congressman Xavier Becerra’s Office, California District 13


WCKNC Board Minutes

Michael Bai, Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb Wesson’s Office, Council District


Angelo  Yenko,  Los  Angeles  City  Councilmember  Mitch  O’Farrell’s  Office,  Council

District 13

Harry Cho, Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Olympic Division Mark Lee, President of Pico Union Neighborhood Council

  1. Introduction of himself by Michael Bai.
  2. Report by Angelo Yenko.
    1. New stop sign at Clinton and Hobart, and potentially at Clinton and Harvard.
    2. 5 new litter bins for WCKNC at Beverly/Vermont, Beverly/Kenmore, Beverly/ Normandie, Melrose/Harvard, Melrose/Normandie
    3. Youth Clean and Green Crew removed 75 gallons of tree trimmings, trash and bulky items from the Heliotrope Mediums between Beverly/Rosewood.
  3. Introduction of herself by Yoomee Ha.
  4. Report by SLO Harry Cho
    1. Majority of crime in the neighborhood is preventable property crime.
    2. Stresses that there has been a rise in aggravated assaults.
  5. Election of the following board members:
    1. Majib Siddique is elected to the board as Community Representative.
    2. Young Kim is elected to the board as Business Representative.
  6. Motions on the following land use items:
    1. 800 S. Harvard, Street - ZA-2013-3372-CU-ZV-SPR – Relative to an application to construct a 6 storey building, 131 condo units and ground floor commercial space.
      1. Elizabeth Isralowitz, WCKNC stakeholder
        1. Lack of three bedroom Condo’s in Koreatown.
        2. Mark Lee, Chair of Pico Union Neighborhood Council and WCKNC stakeholder
          1. Asks that the Neighborhood council put conditions on the construction of project as it is currently disrupting the neighborhood.
          2. Motion by Bill Robinson to support in general concept, but to produce conditions once the Neighborhood Council’s planning department has been established to review the project. Seconded by Majib Siddique
          3. Motion by Caroline Sim to not approve this project. Seconded by Aura Vasquez
    2. 3150 Wilshire Boulevard – 114, ZA-2014-2116-CUB - Relative to an application by Pie Squared Pizza to serve beer and wine at their proposed establishment.
      1. Motion by Bill Robinson to support this application. Seconded by
  7. Agreement by Chima Anyadike-Danes and Vahe G that they will be Budget Reps and attend Budget Awareness.
  8. Motion by Aura Vasquez to offer $500 to the Olympic Division's National Night Out event on August 5th at 6:30 PM for food and drinks once the budget has been approved. Seconded by Majib Siddique
  9. Meeting adjourned at 8pm by Scott Suh.

Emphasizes need for alertness and preparedness.

Yes (13), Absent (1) David Ryu


Yes (13), Absent (1) David Ryu


i.  Comments by Members of the Public on this matter

a.  Concerned about retail parking for development.


Yes (6), No (6), Abstain (1) Vahe G, Absent (2) Homyung Kang and

Sang Lee.


Yes (8), No (4), Abstain (1) Vahe G, Absent (2) Homyung Kang and Sang Lee.


David Ryu.

Yes (10), No (1), Abstain (2) Sang Kwak and Chima Anyadike-Danes,

Absent (2) Homyung Kang and Sang Lee


Unanimous vote.


Meeting adjourned at 8pm by Scott Suh. 



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