The Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council (WCKNC) is a locally elected advisory board to the City of Los Angeles representing you, the stakeholders of the Wilshire Center and Koreatown neighborhoods. Our goal is to make government responsive to local needs through advocacy of common goals.

General Meeting - Pio Pico Library 
694 S. Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020
2nd Monday of the month

We have a number of special interest committees. Everyone is welcomed. Please join us or the general meeting.

See committees page

These are the members that make up the neighborhood council.

See council page

You may view all of WCKNC’s documents, including past agendas and minutes, at WCKNC’s Google Drive.

See agendas & minutes page

Community Impact Statement (CIS) established by the city as a clear path for constituents to have a voice in city hall. Read here to understand what a CIS is.

See CIS page

Request for Action (RFA) established by the city to request action or advocate on certain issues to an agency or elected official. Read here to understand what a RFA is.

See RFA page

Neighborhood Purpose Grants (NPG) allow by approval any non-profit organization to apply for NPG fund. Read here to understand what a NPG is.

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